Freebsd amd64 problems

Ethan A Burns eaburns at
Sun Oct 2 13:41:55 EDT 2005

	I have am trying to run the quake2 binary on freebsd for my amd64.  The softx
module does not display more than a thin line and some black, so I am using
the softsdl.  softsdl seems to work fine untill I load up the first level and
try to play.  I can sit there as long as I'd like and everything goes well, but
if I move forward there's a certain place that, never fail, gives me a bus error (SDL Parachute Deployed).  When I gdb this, I get an internal GDB error right
when the level starts to load up and gdb dies.

	I tried the opengl libraries (glx and sdl), however, it seems that if openGL 
returns NULL for GL_VENDOR or GL_RENDERER (which my implementation does both
apparently) there is a segfault in one of the next couple strcpys (according
to gdb).

	Have any of these probs been encountered before?

		--Ethan Burns--

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