Source for Chaos DM available, but not public.

m0gely m0gely at
Sun May 15 23:08:12 EDT 2005

I asked for the source for ChaosDM and was given a link to it.  jb, from 
the Chaos team had this to say:

"Well I started on the team after the Q2 dev stopped and we were in the 
start of the UT dev. So this code is not mine. I just happen to be the 
only one left from those times... So I guess I would rather have them 
ask me so I can kind of keep track of who has got it.

They can email me at jb at so they dont have to sign up 
here to get in touch with me"

It compile fine for me under FreeBSD.  I thought I would pass the info on!

- m0gely
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