[quake2] Need help compiling AQ2

m0gely m0gely at telestream.com
Sat May 7 17:42:04 EDT 2005

Nick Warne wrote:

> Where did you get the source from?  I just tried to download it to see, and:
> a)  There is no source code for the game
> b)  The server code is available, but the web server is broke and shows the 
> perl code as text, so there is no links.
> Location of source code?

I googled for the file names listed on the page.  I downloaded from two 
seprate sites and they had the same md5.  One link was listed on a File 
planet like site, the other was a link in the quakedev forums.  I forgot 
to mention I'm building this on FreeBSD.

Sheesh.  My server just took a complete dive.  I was going to compile 
the files from qudos site just to see if I got the same error.  I'm 
pretty sure the source files I got are the right one's though.  This 
will have to wait a few days.

- m0gely
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