[quake2] quake2 improvements and problem

Brendan Burns brendanburns at comcast.net
Sun Mar 27 18:59:02 EST 2005

I firmly second the let's not start a syntax holy war.  I myself am 
pretty lax about style as a maintainer.

It's not like the original q2 source is a paragon of brilliant style ;-P

I figure as long as someone is contributing code and its understandable 
to me, I'm cool with including it...

On Mar 27, 2005, at 5:48 PM, Thomas J Fogal wrote:

>  <20050327172715.GB19187 at regency.nsu.ru>Alexey Dokuchaev writes:
>> On Sat, Mar 26, 2005 at 03:20:12PM -0500, Thomas J Fogal wrote:
>>>    fixes minor code formatting things i noticed (but not all of them)
>> Actually, you "code formatting things" are quite contrary to nowadays'
>> most style guidelines:
> <snip>
> These are purely opinion based, and I would disagree with most. But
> lets not start a holy war on syntax.
> I'm actually in favor of /** doxygen comments */ for small one line
> comments. Though I didn't bother for this.
>> To summarise, when you change things/implement new ones, try to 
>> separate
>> functional changes from style/markup ones (in your diffs, at least).
> good call. will do.
> -tom
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