Quake 2 Client

Nelson Marques nmarques at netvisao.pt
Sat Mar 26 22:45:25 EST 2005

 Hi there,

 I would like to make a couple of questions, most likely this aren't new 
for the people around, but I haven't played much single player for 
awhile, so this are somethings that just stomped out.

 I. This crosshairs kinda suck, I kinda love the red 'dot'. Any way to 
get it back ?
 II. If I remember correctly, in the Windows version there was a green 
screen poping out with the progress and so on. Not present, all the 
levels just load straight off from the place the previous has finished. 
Something with my installation or ?!

 I would also like to thank the packager of the installer for a good 
job, specially for collecting some extra textures wich indeed give a new 
feeling to the game itself and the maps.

 Final and last question, anyone knows a place with new models, 
specially for the guns (eventually the characters would also be nice ;)).

 Suggestion: I know that on this list people try to improve the client 
without major changes wich might affect gameplay. I am not a coder 
myself, therefore I don't know the viability of this, neither I know how 
other people might think about it, but I think it could a change that 
changes gameplay, and makes it a bit more interesting. Anyway that 
weapons can be reloaded, I mean, clips with ammo. This would also 
involve changes on Q2 scripting and animations and eventually some hacks 
to the MD3's in order to visualize the reloading of the guns. 
Suggestions ? Comments ?

 Thanks for a good job.


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