Mouse issue (acceleration related)

Anders Storsveen wakko at
Wed Mar 16 17:42:58 EST 2005

In quake2 if Imove the mouse very slowly you can definantly see mouse  
acelleration (and poorly
implemented, no neccesary by quake2). In SDL if you move the mouse slow  
enough, it wont move
at all. You can move it as long as you want, as long as you move it slow  
enough (easier to see
with high sens, since when it starts to move, it moves further). in  
GLX-mode its even worse.
If you move the mouse slow enough it will move in the opposite direction  
(!) and if you move a
little faster it will stop moving and eventually move the correct way...

A good way to test this is to set the sensitivity fairly high, this will  
make the movements
more apparent.

I ain't really able to play quake2 at all... because I'm unavailable to  

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