[quake2] this is just alittle out of hand

Thomas J Fogal tfogal at pascal.unh.edu
Fri Jan 14 01:25:24 EST 2005

 <41E7646F.3040703 at bigskytel.com>Buck Rekow writes:
> I built quake2 on my alpha last night, and both ref_gl and ref_soft were 
> set to yes yet it built no video drivers. WHY?

The build system (aka that one monolithic makefile), I would guess.
I kind of.. err.. umm.. promised a new build system during this
break... but it hasn't happened.. sorry. Its turned out to be a much
larger task than I was expecting.

The main issue is that the makefile sees something that isnt one of its
supported architectures:

ifneq ($(ARCH),x86_64)
ifneq ($(ARCH),i386)
ifneq ($(ARCH),axp)
ifneq ($(ARCH),ppc)
ifneq ($(ARCH),sparc)

notice 'alpha' isnt included. I'm kind of surprised it even built at
all, because the next line is:

$(error arch $(ARCH) is currently not supported)

What does 'uname -a' give you?

If your make lore is strong, add an 'ifneq [. . .],alpha)' line, and
then add some appropriate lines below for alpha too, similar to the
'ifeq's youll see below the 'ifneq' lines.

HTH, and good luck,


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