command line options and such

Buck Rekow rekow at
Thu Jan 13 14:02:29 EST 2005

I just compiled 3.21 on my linux box, and have had some less than happy 

 Under X in certain config screens (video for instance) my up/down 
cursor keys don't work, so I can't get it out of 320x240 mode.

 In command line mode I have a different problem. I have a semi-fixed 
frequency monitor. defaults to 320x240, which doesn't quite work. (and 
thanks to power management, when the monitor doesn't think it's getting 
a signal it powers off.. don't you just love energy star BS?)

So I looked at the quake2 commandline reference someone has on one of 
the big windows quake sites.  I set mode 6 which is 1024x768 according 
to the reference (but differs from what the game outputs to me) and 
totally crashed my machine. couldn't ssh in, couldn't ping.. it was 
gone. Does anyone know the what and how of setting default res under 
linux via command line? or how to fix the broken cursor keys in X?

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