[quake2] Lithium II - need new gamei386.so

Nick Warne nick at linicks.net
Thu Feb 17 14:48:55 EST 2005

On Thursday 17 February 2005 19:39, Karen Pouelle wrote:
> Yea, Zakk's over there and he was encouraging.  I didn't see any CVS or
> development tools there, but they do host stuff and write about stuff.
> More on-topic, if you want to see Lithium or Lithium II run on modern
> libraries, you've got to find and pester those guys.  Beat them a bit
> for me while you're at it - for not contributing to open source.

I think if anybody wants to keep closed source, it's up to them (I never 
would), but what really IS annoying is when there is no updates or any sign 
of 'keeping up' with system OS etc. for years after, and as the 
game/mod/whatever is popular, it could be taken that it's done deliberate to 
piss people off.

I don't understand sitting on closed source from a released GPL code base if 
nothing more will happen to it - ever.

"When you're chewing on life's gristle,
Don't grumble, Give a whistle..."

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