[quake2] Lithium II - need new gamei386.so

Karen Pouelle hockeyvixen at yahoo.ca
Thu Feb 17 14:39:31 EST 2005

Yea, Zakk's over there and he was encouraging.  I didn't see any CVS or 
development tools there, but they do host stuff and write about stuff.

More on-topic, if you want to see Lithium or Lithium II run on modern
libraries, you've got to find and pester those guys.  Beat them a bit
for me while you're at it - for not contributing to open source.


 --- Marvin Malkowski Jr <marv at linuxgames.com> wrote: 
> www.linuxgames.com  :)
> I am serious btw.
> On Feb 17, 2005, at 11:23 AM, Karen Pouelle wrote:
> > That's the sort of thing I was ranting about earlier - great mod, no 
> > source, no new binary releases.  If you want your mod to die, use the SDK

> > instead of GPL, don't release the source to anyone, and don't recompile
> > binaries.
> >
> > I've a Quake 2 mod I've been working on for a few years where the 
> > source is GPL, but it's stuck here on my hard drive and it needs a nice
> > home

[rant, rant, rant]

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