[quake2] Highly erratic mouse behavior

Tom Murphy q2 at yggdrasil.ath.cx
Thu Feb 10 12:46:07 EST 2005

On Thu, Feb 10, 2005 at 11:35:52AM -0500, Brendan Burns wrote:
> If you set BUILD_AA to no in the Makefile, it doesn't need aalib...
> You can change renderers with:
> sdlquake2-qmax +set vid_ref sdlgl
> or
> sdlquake2-qmax +set vid_ref glx
> Note that such changes are sticky, e.g. they modify the default value 
> used in the future
> if nothing is specified...
> --brendan

OK under sdlgl it runs fine, mouse works properly and everything.
Under glx, it's screwed up as before.

I think that's why the other quake 2 ran OK.. it was under all SDL mode.


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