[quake2] Thinking of a different mod

Karen Pouelle hockeyvixen at yahoo.ca
Tue Apr 12 00:28:51 EDT 2005

--- JoeHill <joehill at sympatico.ca> wrote:
> ...um, weren't there more [Awakening mod] SP maps than just *two*? 
> IIRC, it was a whole episode with modified monsters and all. 
> Am I thinking of a different mod?

The mod "1492" (1492  Anno Domini) features modified monsters and is a whole
episode. Still, it fails to alias "newgame" - no default.cfg in its pak.

The original site is gone, but it's now available on 
described thusly: Quake2 SP mission with 9 levels, 1645 enemies, 380 new

So you start by running the first map as told by the readme:
Launch Quake2 (version 3.20 request) then type in console:
skill 0 for Easy, skill 1 for Medium or skill 2 for Hard  <enter>
game 1492 <enter>
map 1492 <enter>  

It's a great single player experience. 
Anyone annoyed with FilePlanet can download it from me - 
just ask via private email for link.

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