[quake2] The original Awakening mod

Karen Pouelle hockeyvixen at yahoo.ca
Mon Apr 11 23:07:37 EDT 2005

> qudos qudos disseminated the following:
> BTW, I can't remember now, if anyone has played the Awakening SP maps, how
> the heck do you get to the adrenaline in the first map??

Mod "awaken":

There are some death match maps in pak0.pak...

There are two single player maps in pak2.PAK - asp1.bsp and asp2.bsp.
You have to use the ole "map asp1" to start the game because no
alias for "newgame" (the alias used by the menu system 
to start a new game in the mod) exists. Indeed, there's no default.cfg
in the mod's pak files where the "newgame" alias may exist.
(many mods overlook that detail - just look at the original baseq2
or comercial mods to see how a default.cfg is constructed.)

Starting a "new game" places you into the original single 
player maps with the modded weapons.

In the first single player map (asp1.bsp - The Ruins) has an adrenaline
in the crossbeams of a room with a large box.  One can drop C4 on the steps
and then jump and detonate the C4 which propels one into the crossbeams to
access the adrenaline.

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