[quake2] Quake 0.16 rc2...

Steffen Hein steffen-hein at gmx.de
Mon Sep 27 09:15:13 EDT 2004

I just checked out current CVS and tested on my machine again (linux-x86). The 
mouse is still spinning around when using SDL software mode and the alsa code 
still doesn't compile (it did with rc1).

When using the softx renderer, quake2 crashes while loading a level:

Outer Base
modelX Error of failed request:  XF86DGANoDirectVideoMode
  Major opcode of failed request:  136 (XFree86-DGA)
  Minor opcode of failed request:  2 (XF86DGADirectVideo)
  Serial number of failed request:  1460
  Current serial number in output stream:  1461

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