[quake2] Icculus Q2 (Gentoo build), mods won't work

Nick Warne nick at linicks.net
Wed Sep 1 11:56:25 EDT 2004

On Wednesday 01 September 2004 07:27, Lee Webb wrote:


> Everything compiles fine, however the quake2 binaries refuse to load any
> additional pak files from the mod dirs when specified on the command
> line (quake2 +set game modName)
> It does, however, create an additional config file for the mod name.
> I am not experiencing any other problems with the binaries at all.
> Anybody experienced problems with the icculus build and mods?

I presume you use standard default quake2 location 
->  /usr/local/games/quake2/  ?

I use all the mods, including Quake2 D-Day and it all works great.

Here is my shell script start line from normal quake2 game, Xatrix and DDay:

cd /usr/local/games/quake2
./sdlquake2 +set gamedir xatrix +set game xatrix +set vid_ref sdlgl +set 
gl_driver libGL.so +set nocdaudio 1 +set cd_nocd 1 +

cd /usr/local/games/quake2/
/usr/local/games/quake2/sdlquake2 +set gamedir dday +set game dday +set 
vid_ref sdlgl +set gl_driver libGL.so +set nocdaudio 1 +set cd_nocd 1 +

Now, I have _always_ used the +set gamedir <dir> so maybe you do need to set 
that $var at command line runtime.

But as I say, it all works perfectly for me here.

As an aside, I also have a Gentoo box, but only run a ded server on it, and I 
built all my own source on that (not icculus builds!), and that works fine 


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