Icculus Q2 (Gentoo build), mods won't work

Lee Webb lee.webb at dot.net.au
Wed Sep 1 02:27:36 EDT 2004

Hi List,

Recently built the Icculus Q2 source via gentoo portage, and I can't for
the life of me get the mods to work.

The source version is: 0.15-r1

Everything compiles fine, however the quake2 binaries refuse to load any
additional pak files from the mod dirs when specified on the command
line (quake2 +set game modName)

It does, however, create an additional config file for the mod name.

I am not experiencing any other problems with the binaries at all.

Anybody experienced problems with the icculus build and mods?

Lee Webb

Systems Administrator
Dot Communications
lee.webb at dot.net.au

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