[quake2] Problem with physics and high fps.

Asfand Yar Qazi email at asfandyar.cjb.net
Thu Oct 7 06:05:51 EDT 2004

Karen Pouelle wrote:
>  --- Anders Storsveen <anders at generation.no> wrote: 
> A good example is jumping.  In a coordinate area of a map below the Z axis,
> and FPS of over 200 will allow you to jump 72 game units.  Under 100 FPS and
> you might be lucky to jump 64 game units. I think Quake 2 jump players call
> this the "box jump" - it's in the original code and is independent of
> operating system - but operating system implimentations of drivers and actual
> hardware "GPU" are certainly a factor.

For me, Linux has always rendered quicker than Windows - but 
perhaps thats only because I use nVidia...


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