[quake2] Problem with physics and high fps.

Karen Pouelle hockeyvixen at yahoo.ca
Wed Oct 6 20:49:38 EDT 2004

 --- Anders Storsveen <anders at generation.no> wrote: 
> I know that the windows-client exhibits some of the same stuff, however  
> it's much worse in linux...
> >> There is definantly a problem with high fps and the physics in this   
> >> client. When I play in windows I generally use cl_maxfps 120 or higher  
> >> to  get a smooth look and feel to the game. When I tried this in

What you're experiencing is more of a factor of actual FPS and the original
design of the game code than it is a Linux vs. Windows difference.  You may
be getting faster actual FPS in Windows perhaps because the rendering is done
more efficiently somehow by the OpenGL drivers and hardware accelleration in

But the game physics is affected by actual client FPS because the client
sends one UDP packet per frame back to the server.   Some servers (with
Q2Admin installed, for example) can be set to limit the number of client
frames so that the game play is more equal for all - otherwise the client
with the most frames per second is always going to win in a draw.

The maxfps setting doesn't mean you'll GET the framerate up to that limit in
all cases, so even if you have identical settings, the physics is more of a
factor of your actual FPS at the time.   The only "fix" for this is to set
your maxfps to something near your average FPS and have all other clients on
the server do the same, or fight the war with FPS by making your renderer
more efficient.  Essentially, all other things being equal, the game is a
matter of who has the most FPS and lowest ping to the server.  There's no
code change to the Quake 2 Icculus client that caused this, it's all a matter
of the efficiency of your renderer, which includes your hardware and your
hardware drivers.

A good example is jumping.  In a coordinate area of a map below the Z axis,
and FPS of over 200 will allow you to jump 72 game units.  Under 100 FPS and
you might be lucky to jump 64 game units. I think Quake 2 jump players call
this the "box jump" - it's in the original code and is independent of
operating system - but operating system implimentations of drivers and actual
hardware "GPU" are certainly a factor.

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