Problem with physics and high fps.

Anders Storsveen anders at
Wed Oct 6 19:24:51 EDT 2004

There is definantly a problem with high fps and the physics in this  
client. When I play in windows I generally use cl_maxfps 120 or higher to  
get a smooth look and feel to the game. When I tried this in linux, I  
noticed that I couldn't do the same jumps and it felt slower. After a bit  
of testing, setting low resolutions and cl_maxfps 120 or even better  
something like 400 I noticed that if a friend joins me in multiplayer,  
either with a windows client or using maxfps 90 he's much faster than me.  
If we start at on side of the edge and walk over to the other, he beats me  
by a good deal. Also I "float" more in the air... this is a stupid problem  
and it makes me boot windows to play. because I don't like playing with  
90fps since it isn't that smooth, but I can't play with a handicap it is  
to not being able to jump as high.

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