[quake2] Build system idea

Asfand Yar Qazi email at asfandyar.cjb.net
Sun Oct 3 11:57:48 EDT 2004

Alexey Dokuchaev wrote:
> I'm happy for id Software, but make (pmake, gmake) are probably the best
> tools for a project like Quake2LNX.  We simply need to clean up the
> build infrastructure a bit.  Pulling in additional dependency (such as
> Python) is a thing to avoid, IMHO.

Sounds reasonable

>>I'd also suggest that instead of specifying the names of all 
>>files in the SConstruct file (yep, that's what they're called) we 
>>use 'find' (or the equivalent Python functionality) to 
>>automatically generate a list of files that need to be compiled.
> This is also seems like a bogus thing to me.  We'd better know exactly
> what files are we building upon.

Logical.  When I start a new project, and end up adding new files 
all over the place, I use `find src -name "*.cc"` etc.  I just 
can't be bothered to update the files list in the Makefile.

However, since Q2's files are stable (few if any will be added 
any more) its reasonable that there isn't any need for that.


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