[quake2] Turkey Day...

MiDiaN midian at saunalahti.fi
Mon Nov 29 11:49:44 EST 2004

Oh im so sorry, forgot the topic heh...

well the errormsg is:
Fatal signal: Segmentation Fault (SDL Parachute Deployed)
and there is no other error msg's...
yeah i tried to load a map too but the same error... Its strange I can view 
the demo in the beginning in the game.... but when i try to play all shuts 
down... =(

On Monday 29 November 2004 16:34, Thomas J Fogal wrote:
>  <200411291320.34956.midian at saunalahti.fi>MiDiaN writes:
> > I just installed the Quake2 RPMS with no Mission-pack support
> > (http://www.chez.com/colinf/quake2/CD/quake2-r0.15-io1.i386.rpm) and the
> > Q2max pak file, and the game starts up with no errors and GL graphics...
> > but when i try to make a game (Single player, trying to play a map) the
> > game shuts down and the error comes up (Subject topic), there is no other
> > errors
> you get an error that says "Turkey Day..." ?
> > displayed than that...
> instead of navigating through the menu, could you try loading up
> quake2, bringing up the console (default key: tilde), and using 'map
> base1'. Does that crash as well?
> What exactly is the error message you are receiving?
> > I got Linux Mandrake 10.0 with reinstalled 1.2 SDL and NVIDIA GF2MX, the
> > game works, but I cant play it =) Can it be missing files? Or is it the
> > SDL that is wrong configured?
> I'm not sure. We'll need more information about the error message.
> You might want to try the 0.14 RPM that is posted on that same webpage.
> It sounded like the 0.15 one was untested. Of course, my personal
> recommendation is to always use the source...
> > (sry if I had bad english, Im from Finland)
> Thats okay, don't worry about it.
> -tom

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