[quake2] Turkey Day...

Thomas J Fogal tfogal at pascal.unh.edu
Mon Nov 29 09:34:07 EST 2004

 <200411291320.34956.midian at saunalahti.fi>MiDiaN writes:
> I just installed the Quake2 RPMS with no Mission-pack support 
> (http://www.chez.com/colinf/quake2/CD/quake2-r0.15-io1.i386.rpm) and the 
> Q2max pak file, and the game starts up with no errors and GL graphics... but 
> when i try to make a game (Single player, trying to play a map) the game 
> shuts down and the error comes up (Subject topic), there is no other errors 

you get an error that says "Turkey Day..." ?

> displayed than that...

instead of navigating through the menu, could you try loading up
quake2, bringing up the console (default key: tilde), and using 'map
base1'. Does that crash as well?
What exactly is the error message you are receiving?

> I got Linux Mandrake 10.0 with reinstalled 1.2 SDL and NVIDIA GF2MX, the game
> works, but I cant play it =) Can it be missing files? Or is it the SDL that 
> is wrong configured?

I'm not sure. We'll need more information about the error message.
You might want to try the 0.14 RPM that is posted on that same webpage.
It sounded like the 0.15 one was untested. Of course, my personal
recommendation is to always use the source...

> (sry if I had bad english, Im from Finland)

Thats okay, don't worry about it.


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