[quake2] quake2 3d

Nelson Marques nmarques at netvisao.pt
Tue Jan 20 09:03:09 EST 2004

nice gal :)


Alejandro Néstor Vargas wrote:

> On Mon, 19 Jan 2004 22:15:38 -0500, Brendan Burns 
> <brendanburns at attbi.com> wrote:
>> It's black and white for now.  If someone could send me technical 
>> info on how to do the color blending as described in an earlier 
>> e-mail let me know...
> You cannot obtain REAL color but there is a trick for obtaining some 
> color. Instead of converting the image to black and white and 
> generating red and blue with this info, you take the left image and 
> remove the red and blue channel. For the right eye, take the right 
> image and remove red channel and HALF of green channel. Some of the 
> green image will pass throug the blue filter obtaining a little extra 
> color.
> The resulting image feeling is like a good colored image but nearly 
> without greens. Check this link http://www.kastor.org.ar/~anv/3d1.jpg 
> for a sample of this technique.

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