[quake2] Quake2 GL Problems (Linux version)

M. Ignacio Monge García ignaciomonge at ono.com
Fri Nov 21 10:14:38 EST 2003

El vie, 21-11-2003 a las 04:48, Matthew Goins escribió:
> Sorry to bug people, but I think I am missing something obvious on this
> one.
> I am running the relnev version of quake2 under Gentoo Linux. The game
> runs perfectly under vid_ref softx, however, under vid_ref glx I get a
> strange box of garble in the right-bottom corner of the screen, and the
> mouse is very jerky and impossible to use. Has anyone seen this problem?
> I have run the game under different linux distros, so I fear I just
> failed to set something up correctly.  More info: I am using the
> standard, latest nvidia drivers on a geforce 4 card. Other games seem to
> run under GL (tuxracer for example).
> I have already made sure that GPM or other mouse-using stuff is
> disabled, and I  really don't know where to turn but this list, as other
> forums haven't responded. Thanks in advance!
> Matt

I seems to be a Nvidia bug related to its latest version. Read forum
about it. It's not a quake2 bug.
M. Ignacio Monge García <ignaciomonge at ono.com>

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