[quake2] A odd problem

Brian Hook hook_l at pyrogon.com
Mon Mar 10 00:59:25 EST 2003

>Quake 2 on my machine has very bad lag when using opengl rendering,

Does it do this with other builds (i.e. built from different forks, 
like QuakeForges)?

>but only when using opengl rendering and only in multi-player games
>where I'm not the server. If I serve everything will be fine.

First question -- if you're the server, do other players complain 
about lag?

>Tried under both Debian and Slackware on the same machine they share
>no files though...

My first guess would be that something about the NVidia drivers is 
basically torching the PCI bus, preventing adequate performance of 
the network stack.

Another thing to try, although this might be pushing it.  Start two 
sessions, one in OpenGL and another in software, and connect to two 
different servers.  Does the ping on the software instance drop when 
the OpenGL connects?  


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