Brian Hook hook_l at
Sun Mar 2 14:27:46 EST 2003

Some things that I would like to do, mostly to satisfy my own anal 
retentive coding practices, so feel free to shoot down at will =)

1.  For a "learning" code base, I really do think prefixing functions 
helps a lot.  A function like FindItemByClassname() to me is a bit 
easier to identify when it's called something like 
Q2_FindItemByClassName().  This way when you see SetDeviceGammaRamp() 
you don't have to wonder "is that an API call or is that a Q2 
internal call?!".  That's the point of the R_*, VID_*, etc. but not 
everything was done that way, specifically a lot of the game code.  
I'm willing to change this stuff over as it gets done.

2.  The source base is not const correct.  I fixed this once, which 
was a HUGE pain in the ass, and I'm willing to fix it again if you 
guys want.

3.  This is a pretty major change, but I think integrating a 
scripting language like Lua would be nice.  The primary benefit is 
that mods become portable again.  I think it could be done 
incrementally as well -- moving leaf functions into Lua and slowly 
move up the call tree until most of the game code is in script.

Once those changes are in place I think it would be great if we could 
get the user community involved in doing mods and stuff without 
having to have a compiler and know C, etc.

What's the story with Q_MAX?



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