[quake2] Remember the sources (fwd)

imr free.imr at free.fr
Thu Jun 5 15:39:35 EDT 2003

On Thursday 05 June 2003 19:54, Brendan Burns wrote:
> Thanks, I'll add these instructions to the Icculus page.  And I'll try
> to build eraser this weekend.
> --brendan
Unless something very new happened, you cant. As icculus said somewhere else, 
as long as we dont have the source for p_trail.o to be rebuild it wont work. 
Same for any bot made from eraser. And as the eraser author stated somewhere 
that due to licensing, the eraser p_trail sources wont be released ever, the 
only way is to have him rebuild a p_trail.o. Which isnt very interresting for 
free software anyway.
The trouble is this bot has been used by a lot of mods due to its past fame.

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