[quake2] Retexturing Quake 2: New textures for new clients

Karen Pouelle hockeyvixen at yahoo.ca
Tue Jul 15 08:16:47 EDT 2003

"Sorry about the mistake in the diff command.  I should actually check
my commands before I send e-mail *sigh* (and I'll look at that bug...)"

No harm done - I just thought you had different tools other than GNU, so I
had to look it up.  I learned how to make a patch file! :)

As for the bug, the "lift fire" bug is very easy to reproduce - just turn
teamplay on and friendly fire off.  Eventually someone will be shot while on
a lift and the lift won't be able to destroy the body, but will produce a
shower of explosions.  I've attached a demo - the easiest way to explain this


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