[quake2] Porting latest Quake2Max to Linux

Karen Pouelle hockeyvixen at yahoo.ca
Mon Jul 14 15:45:47 EDT 2003

"...currently, Q2LNX lags behind Q2MAX greatly; one needs to get some rather
ancient maxpack.pak (I think around version .40 or something) to get it
working.  It would be great if someone boost up the work in this area (and
Q2LNX in general; plus we haven't seen a release for quite a long time
already ;-)"  -- ./danfe 

That's saying a lot for non-progress, as Q2MAX is still very under-optimized
and slow, still lacks auto-texture rescaling needed for retexturing, also. 
It wasn't the best choice for porting to Linux, but here we are... Might as
well start fixing the mess.

But even I can contribute bug fixes and small improvements - just give me a
way to update the CVS and I'll get some crayons and get right to work!  ;)

Seriously, add the autoscaling into the code... Then I'll find some bug fixes
and small userful features to suggest.



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