Retexturing Quake 2: New textures for new clients

Karen Pouelle hockeyvixen at
Tue Jul 8 04:13:23 EDT 2003

I believe's hosting source ported from the Quake2maX client
version 0.25 or somewhere around there.  At that time (and currently) Quake
2maX does load, but does not autoscale textures.  If you've upgraded the
source to include the autoscaling  (about ten lines of added code), then you
might enjoy the pak files I'm working on which contains 4 x height and width
textures artfully upgraded to 24 bit color. 

For submission guidelines via CVS and a link to the pak file downloads of
efforts so far(pak files zipped), see the retexturing section of the Quake 2
forum at


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