[quake2] Mod question, and q2ace

Karen Pouelle hockeyvixen at yahoo.ca
Mon Jul 7 19:12:35 EDT 2003

    "to be able to actually play with this client other than single player I
need to join servers on the net and most of them need q2ace authentiaction
(the ones where poeple who play seriously and hate cheaters play anyway).
have any of you been in contact with the q2ace guy? if you don't know  what
i'm talking about check out: http://www.savageservers.com/q2ace/"

    "btw: i've newer used a mailing list before and I don't know how to use
it, is there any web-based forums around?"

    "There are no web-based forums for this project, no."

The "q2ace guy" is MrB.  I'd recommend not bothering to contact him because
q2ace is not secure, therefore should not be a required client by any server
for authentication - but aparently people running servers don't know this yet
(even though I thought it was old news).

It's "nocheat" that's the current solution, although I think it also limits
one to use their client - I do not use it, nor do I cheat. "NoCheat 2.32 is
complete. With an extra suprise -- there is also now a linux client =)". 
(From http://www.bryceinc.com/ )

Now the OGL is using this "nocheat" client which for now is a step ahead of
cheaters, but you have to use their ugly client.  My advice to use is to find
other (and better) servers that do not require an inferior and windows-only
client.  In fact, with all the nice new 32 bit clients out there, no server
should force you to use one that's still diplaying 8-bit wal files in OpenGL
mode.  I haven't spent months retexturing Quake 2 and collecting them in a
texture pak ( http://pretzel.iceware.net/textures ) only to be stuck running
the 8-bit graphics of "nocheat" client because a few people are spoiling the
game in deathmatch with cheats.

nocheat's forum appears to be web-based.  My forum is also Quake 2 related
and web based.  It's http://pretzel.iceware.net/forums 

For a non-client restricted basic out of the box unmodded Quake 2 server try
"connect xquake.net" - it's a great place to test new clients.



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