[quake2] Installers

Vincent Cojot coyote at step.polymtl.ca
Mon Jul 7 05:55:26 EDT 2003

On Mon, 7 Jul 2003, zakk wrote:

> Wow!
> You actually have _legit_ copies of VMWare!

Hey, been a customer since their early BETA 1.0. :) I always pay for Linux
software that I like and use on a regular basis. On the contrary, I
consider -not- paying for M$ software akin to civil disobedeance and
therefore the last copy I owned was Windows NT workstation 3.5
(Educationnal) in 1995 (was a big mistake to spit out those 50 Can$ in
that time but I've since then since the light). :)

> loki_setup is vaguely easy once you have something to start from (you
> do).

> it uses XML files for configuration, etc.
> At the moment it should be a simple matter of creating a different
> default config file and somehow making quake2 use it in place of the
> actual default. Or recompiling without Q2Max Support/Making Q2Max
> optional, etc.

Ok.. I already had a couple ideas about doing that but with the installer
that will be much easier..

> The easiest thing to do is assume hardware rendering support with the
> first option of a default config file.

Good. Perhaps 'dedicated' startup scripts linked to icons could help

> The best thing to do is making q2max optional with the on option having
> a different config file.

Well, I don't mind having two sets of binaries:
sdlquake2, quake2, sdlquake2max, quake2max
With the right args, il would surely allow the two clients to co-exist.

> That is assuming I'm right about the problem, of course.
> You can test it yourself by using any of the .run's and not having a
> preexesting ~/.quake2/ or whatever path it is...
> You can get the sourceish to the installer by running any of them with
> --keep and exploring.

Ah.. That's great. I was wondering where to get the source.. :) I'll
commit the sources into the quake2 CVS repos so that people downloading
the source can also build their custom installers if they wish to (They
can already do that easily on Solaris/Sparc where I provide tools for them
to build their own packages..).

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