[quake2] particles/beam.jpg [FIXED yet again :P]

Karen Pouelle hockeyvixen at yahoo.ca
Tue Aug 19 15:39:01 EDT 2003

"Sorry about this. I was informed in #icculus.org that I needed to get 
maxpack.pak" - Petter Sundlöf

Yes, maybe there should be a "Error" dialogue coded into it that checks to
see if the pak is there, then tells you where to get it.

There's a few add-on paks for menus, also.  

For more eye candy with not much more overhead, have you tried the Quake 2
retexturing project's textures on your latest build?   


A lot of new button textures have been added since my last update last week,
but no new submissions in the last few days.  

What IRC server is #icculus.org on?  I should drop by sometime.

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