[quake2] Thoughts on the q2max port.

Karen Pouelle hockeyvixen at yahoo.ca
Mon Aug 11 01:23:12 EDT 2003

"Joshua Barney" <derewuff at yahoo.com> said "Don't use the 0.42 patch with the
0.43 source.  =')  That's what the 0.43 patch is for."

D'oh!  I'm glad there's a 0.43 patch as well.

"Joshua Barney" <derewuff at yahoo.com> also said, "Yes, texture autoscaling
works and works great.  All the source needs is a little SDL linking and a
personal config directory under a user's home directory.  As an added bonus,
q2max supports alphabetical loading of pak files.  Pak files can actually
have descriptive names, instead of just being restricted to pak##.pak."

Adding the SDL is beyond me, but I did try to create an *.pak loading patch
and pretty much failed - Quake2maX loads them numerically then
alphabetically, so keep that in mind if load order matters in the pak files
you're using.

This all seems like good news. :)  Thanks for the info!



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