[quake2] Thoughts on the q2max port.

Karen Pouelle hockeyvixen at yahoo.ca
Sun Aug 10 05:23:43 EDT 2003

"Joshua Barney" regarding "Thoughts on the q2max port." - 
"Compiled great on my system!  I had no problems with installation

I just finished adding 20 more textures to the e1u1 pak (mostly the various
wall button textures) and applying some fixes to some of the older textures
that were suggested. Tjeu
re downloadable from http://3d.kicks-ass.net/texturepaks 

I think autoscale was added to the icculus.org source. 

Does this.patch from
http://benoar.free.fr/quake2/quake2max-0.42-linux.diff.gz work on  the 0.43
(current) version of Quake2maX that autoscales replacement textures

Comments in the latest release say this:

The project source is now MS VS7 only

New to 0.42:
- Added HL style air-crouching to code (commented out but working in pmove.c)
- Added texture autorescaling (uses .wal-> new format for scale)
- Fixed shader nolightmap stages on lightmapped textures (now works)
- Added rs_detail cvar to toggle rscript stages using the "detail" flag
- Added scalable hud (cl_hudres)
- Fixed stainmap loading bug, now Quake2maX supports large maps
- Change particle rendering - now mipmapped unless safe in script
- Added shader particles

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