[quake2] Quake2 stencil shadows..

Jamie Wilkinson jaq at quakeforge.net
Wed Sep 25 06:55:59 EDT 2002

This one time, at band camp, Vincent Cojot wrote:
>So far, only characters and objects seem to cast a shadow, not buildings
>or large stone blocks themselves.. Don't know if that's expected but I
>can't verify it under Linux with QuakeForge's quake2-0.1 at the moment..

That's the behaviour I see also, gl_shadows only ever drew shadows on
dynamic objects.  rocks and buildings are part of the map, so they're
handled differently.  I don't see why they can't have shadows though ;-)

>Jamie: I promise I'll backport my Solaris patches from Icculus to
>Quakeforge one day but that will take some time.. :)

Heh, okay.  I was planning on doing it myself but alas I have no solaris
machine to test with.

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