[quake2] Non-regression oriented Testers wanted.. :)

Vincent S. Cojot coyote at step.polymtl.ca
Fri Oct 25 07:14:34 EDT 2002

Hello Carsten,

> Hello Vincent,
> just made some quick test with your release:
> System: Kernel: 2.4.16, Athlon 600, Voodoo3 3000
>             XFree 4.2, gcc 2.95.3, SDL 1.22 ( oops, time for an update )
> Mesa DRI Voodoo3 20010501 x86 1.2 Mesa 3.4.2
> Both, quake2 and sdlquake2, are working like a charm. I`m usualy using
> sdlquake2, because of the much better sound for me.

Ok, thanks for the report...

> Just one problem: brightness is not working in the qmax version. It
> works in the non-qmax version.

I'll let someone else answer here since I'm not well versed in the qmax
part of the source.. How do you modify the brightness, btw? cvar or menus?
Just so to know..

> And I have a general problem - not only with your release - with shadows
> ( I like them very much ): If I use the qmax version, it is much slower,
> when using the shadows ( gl_shadows "1" ).  If I use the non-qmax
> version, there is no visible difference in the speed. Any tweaks ?

I think this was asked before (let me try to find it in my archives).. On
a voodoo3 it might be interaction with your OpenGL implementation but
perhaps there are some settings which will help you.

> Because of your mcop warning: Maybe you need to enable BUILD_ARTS in the
> makefile ?

Hmm.. tried de-activating BUILD_ARTS on my RH7.3 but it didn't do a
thing.. I even tried to remove arts + arts-devel altogether, which made
the mcop warning disappear but not the segfault.. Perhaps a reboot would
have been in order if something had been loaded by arts.. I don't know but
I will investigate as the machine is just too good to waste.. :)

Thanks again,


> Bye,
> Carsten
> P.S: Last weekend I played first time several hours quake2 online (
> using xqf to find quake2 servers )... What a great fun ! But I was much
> to slow :-)

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