Quake2 OpenGL Solaris problems

Vincent Cojot coyote at step.polymtl.ca
Mon Oct 21 16:51:22 EDT 2002

On Mon, 21 Oct 2002, Jeff Workman wrote:

> > 1) How did you compile quake2 (what compiler, what Makefile.Solaris
> > options  or are you using the binary package)?
> I just ran "make -f Makefile.Solaris"

Ok.. I had never thought that someone would read README.Solaris but not
the general README.. :) My fault here.

> > 2) What command line did you use to start it?
> I didn't give it any arguments, I've ran it as both ./quake2 and ./sdlquake2

I usually assume that people actually -install- this stuff (this is why a
package is provided that installs things nicely under
/usr/local/share/games/quake2). I just tried your method and it works here
so it's not that. However, the "couldn't open the X display" error is
cause by a failure on XOpenDisplay(). Are you sure your display variable
is set correctly? (dumb question, I know)

> Yes, the only other OpenGL software I have on this box is a bunch of GLUT
> demos, but they all work fine.


> I was wrong about the version...from ogl_check_install:
> OpenGL GLU Version:           1.3 Sun OpenGL 1.2.3 patch 112628-09 for
> Solaris

1.2.3 + -09 patches is the latest version.

> I haven't tried XIL mode, but softx11 is ungodly slow on this machine.

What resolution are you running it with? On my Ultra2 anything greater
than 400x300 (I used 320x240 for fps) was too slow to play.. Sorry about
these bad news.. It's bad considering that I was on a 300Mhz machine..
Dual cpus don't help all this much on a single-threaded app like quake2..
It helps a bit, because the X server runs on one cpu while quake2 runs on
the other but it's not enough..

I hope we can get your Solaris version running.. In the mean time, if it's
not a DISPLAY problem, can you try to download and install the two binary
packages and then invoke quake2 with:
For XIL mode:
/usr/local/share/games/quake2/sdlquake2 +set basedir  \
/usr/local/share/games/quake2 +set vid_ref xil

For GLX mode:
/usr/local/share/games/quake2/sdlquake2 +set basedir \
/usr/local/share/games/quake2 +set vid_ref glx \
+set gl_dynamic 1 +set gl_ext_multitexture 0 +set gl_shadows 1 +set \
gl_stencilshadow 1

(Yes, I'll provide scripts for this in the future..)


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