[quake2] Full game installer

Andy Piper andy.piper at freeuk.com
Sun Oct 13 19:04:11 EDT 2002

On Sun, 2002-10-13 at 23:36, Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
> Set the environment variable SETUP_CDROM to where your CD is mounted
> before running the installer:

Sure, I know how to use that - but I assumed that it would look for a
single, default /dev/cdrom instead of polling every device it can find
if the environment variable was unset. Messy.

This is heading a little off-topic, I've subscribed to the lokisetup
list and will take it up there if I have the time and energy (-:

Andy Piper - Farnborough, Hampshire (UK)
andy.piper at freeuk.com

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