Lithium ii qestion

Matthew Goins mjgoins at
Wed Oct 2 05:10:22 EDT 2002

This is probably not the type of question people want to answer, and if
that's the case please let me know who I should be asking.

With that out of the way...
I am running quake2 on a Debian machine (Pentium pro 200mhz 192 MB RAM,
Voodoo2 {I haven't got the Voodoo2 working yet but that's besides the
point}). I can play the base game, and CTF, and run as a dedicated
server for both of those as well. The problem is when I try to run any
mods, particularly Lithium. Basically what happens is when I start up a
game using "+set game lithium" it just gives me the normal base game. No
menu, no grappling hook, just the normal quake2 game. I have checked
what directory and it thinks it is working from, and it always echoes
back "lithium", so I am not sure what the deal is. 

More details: I am using the lithium.cfg file that came with the lithium
tar file. I have tried getting rid of extra carriage returns in the .cfg
files and such. I am running quake2 v3.21. Quake2 is under
/usr/lib/games/quake2, which is where dselect puts it. Lithium is under
/usr/lib/games/quake2/lithium . Any suggestions? Sorry for being


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