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David Mehrmann jammet at tigress.com
Sun Nov 17 10:13:58 EST 2002

In reply to Vincent Cojot

VC> Can you try to  set "_windowed_mouse" to "1" and seen  if it makes a
VC> difference? Use  "set _windowed_mouse  1" in  the console.. Set  the
VC> value  to "zero"  to  unbind  the mouse... Tell  us  if  it makes  a
VC> difference..

        Yes this  is Linux, but  I've been  posting about this  at least
three times until now and nobody knew  what the problem was about, and I
also lacked the words to describe the problem in all the details.

But I cannot reproduce this anymore as  I have found out just how to get
by it (by not  running the SDL binary of quake with  glx, but the normal
binary with glx  instead). It is some sort of input  problem that I have
no idea  what it's really about.   Since I don't have  the software that
was causing  it, anymore,  =( sorry,  can't get  the error  again. I was
primarily intending to play ;).

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