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David Mehrmann jammet at tigress.com
Sun Nov 17 03:48:02 EST 2002

In reply to JONATHANCOX at sbcglobal.net

JN>    In Quake 2, I was having a  problem with my mouse.  I was able to
JN> use the buttons  and mouse wheel, but  if I tried to  move the mouse
JN> around, it would move very slowly in the direction I was moving it.

        Does your  game movement  stop(!) if you  move the  mouse faster
around on the pad? Or  does it seem erratic at times?   If yes, then you
had the  same problems as  I, in Linux. GLX,  too. It helped me,  when I
stopped using the sdlquake2.

Today I start it like this:

./quake2  +set  vid_ref sdlgl  +set  sndspeed  11025 +set  deathmatch  1
+disconnect $*

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