[quake2] Hello + Joystick!

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Mon Mar 18 22:42:48 EST 2002

> For now though, it would be great if some people would check out the
> code from CVS and try it out on their systems.  I am using a Cyborg 3D
> USB joystick on a 2.4.18 kernel, so it would be good to get other
> reports.

Tried it here with the SDL kernel event interface (/dev/input/event0).
Worked like a champ. I'm using a Nintendo 64 controller hooked up to a USB
converter.  :)

> The way that joystick support is currently set up, it uses axis 0 for
> left-right turning, axis 1 for up-down turning, and axis 3 (if present)
> for throttle control.  All of these are currently hard-coded.  It would

Maybe this has been changed since I pulled from CVS, but I assigned axes
and buttons in the control config menu and it worked fine.


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