Hello + Joystick!

Brendan Burns brendanburns at attbi.com
Mon Mar 18 19:56:48 EST 2002

I know I've sent messages to the list before, but this is my official
"Hi, my name is Brendan and I'll be your maintainer for today.  We have
some specials that you might be interested in ..."

In other words, I've stepped in to fill Relnev's shoes as centeral
organizer of the Quake2 Un*x port.  Many thanks to him for the job he
has done so far!

So if anyone has bug reports, ideas for improvement, patches, questions,
please send them to me or to the list.

In other news, initial joystick support has been checked in to CVS.
Right now it is just in the sdlquake2 since SDL's joystick support is
wicked easy to figure out.  The linux kernel API doesn't look too much
worse and hopefully I'll have the non-sdl version working soon.

For now though, it would be great if some people would check out the
code from CVS and try it out on their systems.  I am using a Cyborg 3D
USB joystick on a 2.4.18 kernel, so it would be good to get other

The way that joystick support is currently set up, it uses axis 0 for
left-right turning, axis 1 for up-down turning, and axis 3 (if present)
for throttle control.  All of these are currently hard-coded.  It would
be simple to change them to variables if there are people out there for
whom these values don't make sense.

There is one command line switch j_invert_y [0|1] it defaults to 1,
meaning that pushing the joystick forward points down, pulling it back
points up (flight simulator style) if it is set to zero it will be

Let me know if you find any bugs.  (one known bug is that the handling
of the joystick values isn't very intelligent, its using a linear
function for response, when it really probably ought to be exponential)

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