[quake2] Quake2 r0.9

Vincent Cojot coyote at step.polymtl.ca
Mon Mar 11 01:59:15 EST 2002

Hello Steven,

	Thanks for your work on Quake2, it's been a nice ride.. Since
you just released a new version, I'll base my Quake2 Solaris patches on
that release and I will sned htme to the list (several weeks of
consecutive illness delayed these a lot but I should get them this week).


On Sun, 10 Mar 2002, Steven Fuller wrote:

> Quake2 r0.9 is my final release.  Here is the ChangeLog:
> + X selection support (softx/glx only).
> + Mouse Wheel support (softx/glx).
> + CD Audio fixes. (W.P. van Paassen)
> + Swapped SDL buttons 2/3 to be correct.
> + Big Gun+save game crash fixed.
> + FreeBSD support. (Hampton Maxwell)
> + Mouse buttons 4/5 supported (sdl only). (Angelo Grossini)
> + IPv6 support. (Florent Parent)
> + Documentation updates.
> http://www.icculus.org/quake2/files/quake2-r0.9.tar.gz
> Steven Fuller

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