nvidia GLX mouse problems (was: Re: [quake2] Maintainer hunt announcement.)

David Mehrmann jammet at tigress.com
Sun Mar 10 22:05:52 EST 2002

Brendan Burns <brendanburns at attbi.com> meowed:

BB> I can't replicate this, mouse control works fine for me in GLX mode.

	Okay, let's try all of this ...

BB> Questions:
BB> What version of XFree are you using?  What's your video card?

	I'll attach my XF86Config to this message. This is Xfree 4.03.
Nvidia TNT2 32 MB Ram version. Games that otherwise work using this GLX
mode are several 3D TRONs, Unreal Tournament, Parsec, quakeworld and some
others. No mouse problems in any of those.

BB> When you start Quake 2 up do you see a message that says:
BB> "Failed to detect XF86DGA Mouse"?


BB> Some ideas:
BB> You might try explicitly turning off the XDGA mouse with "+set
BB> in_dgamouse 0" on the command line.

	Tried that a minute ago and did not notice any changes in mouse behaviour.

BB> checkout the install_grabs function in src/linux/rw_x11.c  See what's
BB> going on there in terms of loading/not loading a xdga mouse.

	I cannot understand the code.

Basically it seems to just grab the pointer and print an error message if
that pointer is not available. 

	This is a part of my XF86Config:

 SubSection  "extmod"
      Option "omit xfree86-dga"  

	I think the nvidia driver required me to put this in there. Does this 
affect mouse behaviour in glx quake2?
BB> Also check out the IN_ActivateMouse function in the same file, make sure
BB> that it is being called and that it is calling the install_grabs
BB> function.  I might change it to look something like:

BB> 		printf("Not activating mouse, vals: %d, %d, %d\n",
BB> 			mouse_avail, dpy, win);

	I changed it so that it matches what you type, and I'll recompile it 
now, that takes a moment.

BB> If all of that works I would go to the HandleEvents function and test to
BB> see if any mouse events ever come in through X11, and then trace their
BB> progress.

	I take it, the print does show where the mouse is, and echos that to
standard output, yes? So All I'll have to do is, run quake2 from an xterm and 
see what it writes into the standard output? If so, I'll take it and paste it
into this reply in a few minutes so you can see what mess is going on with
my mouse in the game.
BB> Try that, and let me know what happens...

	Here goes:

Hmm. Well nothing is getting printed.
I did 'make clean','make' and copied the files to where they belong,
started sdlquake2 and the mouse behaves like does before, no extra
output to console nor standard output. No coodinates and such.
Both in fullscreen mode and windowed mode.

	Anything special I must tell quake2?


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