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Brendan Burns brendanburns at attbi.com
Sun Mar 10 21:26:02 EST 2002

I can't replicate this, mouse control works fine for me in GLX mode.
What version of XFree are you using?  What's your video card?
When you start Quake 2 up do you see a message that says:
"Failed to detect XF86DGA Mouse"?

Some ideas:
You might try explicitly turning off the XDGA mouse with "+set
in_dgamouse 0" on the command line.

checkout the install_grabs function in src/linux/rw_x11.c  See what's
going on there in terms of loading/not loading a xdga mouse.

Also check out the IN_ActivateMouse function in the same file, make sure
that it is being called and that it is calling the install_grabs
function.  I might change it to look something like:

static void IN_ActivateMouse(void) {
	if (!mouse_aval || !dpy || !win) {
		printf("Not activating mouse, vals: %d, %d, %d\n",
			mouse_avail, dpy, win);
	if (!mouse_active) {
		printf("Activating mouse!\n");
		mouse_active = true;

If all of that works I would go to the HandleEvents function and test to
see if any mouse events ever come in through X11, and then trace their

Try that, and let me know what happens...


On Sun, 2002-03-10 at 16:40, David Mehrmann wrote:
> Brendan Burns <brendanburns at attbi.com> meowed:
>         I know this is the wrong thread  to answer to, but, can you give
> me some hint on  how to find out why quake2 won't work  with my mouse in
> glx mode? Anything  at all, like  some debugging output while  moving it
> in-game, or something? I'll do whatever  it takes, but I cannot possibly
> change this behaviour.
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