[quake2] I don't think I fixed the wall o' fire...

Mental mental at neverlight.com
Fri Jun 28 11:00:29 EDT 2002

On Fri, 2002-06-28 at 00:04, Matthew Arnold wrote:
> On Thursday 27 June 2002 08:41 pm, Brendan Burns wrote:
> > But I can't seem to recreate it again *sigh*  I've commited some
> > changes that may fix things.  If people want to update and try to
> > break it that'd be great!
> The good news is that it is harder to recreate it. The bad news is 
> that I was still able to recreate it using the method I described on 
> the list before. Once I got the walls o' fire to show up and went 
> further through that level where you get above that room, the walls 
> o' fire were gone and I couldn't get them to reappear. Getting 
> closer. . .

I've been thinking about this.

After chasing it around for a while, I've realized I might be going
about tracking it down the wrong way.

It seems to only happen after a level change. Or 2 after my last round
of hacking. This would suggest that we're running into an uninitialized
variable of some sort when the level loads.

I'm not sure what state the particle system is left in as levels change,
but we might want to look into a way to making it reinitialze itself
between maps.

Sorry if I'm rambling, I just wanted to get this thought out while I had
time so i didnt forget it.

Anyone think this is a worthwhile direction to move in?

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