[quake2] I don't think I fixed the wall o' fire...

Matthew Arnold marnold at ez-net.com
Fri Jun 28 00:04:53 EDT 2002

On Thursday 27 June 2002 08:41 pm, Brendan Burns wrote:
> But I can't seem to recreate it again *sigh*  I've commited some
> changes that may fix things.  If people want to update and try to
> break it that'd be great!

The good news is that it is harder to recreate it. The bad news is 
that I was still able to recreate it using the method I described on 
the list before. Once I got the walls o' fire to show up and went 
further through that level where you get above that room, the walls 
o' fire were gone and I couldn't get them to reappear. Getting 
closer. . .

> (one way or another I think I'll do a release this weekend...)

Will the eye candy stuff be put into a seperate renderer then? Also, 
would anybody complain about changing the Makefile so only making 
build_release is the default? I would think that most people would 
only need that. If someone needs the debug ones too, they could add a 
switch. Thoughts?


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