[quake2] Q2 Max Working

Mental mental at neverlight.com
Sat Jun 15 15:39:45 EDT 2002

On Sat, 2002-06-15 at 15:13, brendanburns at attbi.com wrote:
> Whoops, my bad *sigh* ;-)  particles.h is in now.  That
> should be all you need.
> I realized also that I forgot to mention, you'll need the
> add-on pak, its at
> http://www.icculus.org/quake2/files/maxpak.pak, put it in
> your baseq2 directory...

I just had a thought too.

Why dont you snag http://hades.neverlight.com/pas/games/quake2max.tar.gz
and use that as a baseline? See how it runs on your hardware, I'm sure
some stuff will be slow, but it should render properly for the most
part. The Makefile is a little hokey. You have to do an explicit
build_release, other than that its fine. Well, fine being relative...
anyways, I've been using the libs and binarys for a while and so far its
been stable and fun. There's a bunch of warnings when it gets compiled
that should probably be fixed at some point. I'm not sure that all the
implicit casts make for portable code. :/

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